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Cord 100% natural wool
cords of different widths and color ranges

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Cord - 100% natural wool

Cord - Acrylic + Cotton


Martenitsa bracelets in 10 pieces in a package

Cord machine knit with KIKO bead

Code: 11010300-3

Each martenitsa is made of KNITTED cord 

with two knots at the ends and a fixing element - a bead.


Making a packet of martenitsas:

- used - 3.30 meters of cord

- made - a total of 20 knots

- strung - 10 beads

- are attached to a punched cardboard measuring 57 x 140 mm

- final packaging - cellophane with dimensions  60 x 220 mm


Martenitsa bracelets of 10 pieces in a package

Cord machine whip

Code: 11010500

   Martenichki Kiko EOOD

  For over 20 years a leader in the sale of martenitsas

  The largest objects for martenitsas!

  You can use ideas and ways of offering and selling martenitsas.


  The ideas are FREE :)


  You have questions about selling martenitsas - the answers are also FREE

  0894 61 99 61  Ruslan Yordanov


  Cord 100% natural raw materials

  Wool + Utah

  We are professionals in the production of martenitsa cords. For fans of natural raw materials, we knit cords with a wide range of width, color range and purpose

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